Adding new staff or practitioners is easy with Medipass. First, select 'Staff' on the left-hand side menu. 

Here you'll see a list of all the staff attached to your business or practice.

To add a new member of staff, click on the blue 'Add a staff member' button.

First, fill in the staff members general details. The first and last name of the staff member are the only mandatory fields.

However if  the staff member you are adding would like to log into Medipass, a unique email address is required. 

If you're adding a Practice Manager, select which practice they manage under 'Practice managed' 

To add a provider number to this staff member, select "Add a provider number"

You can select then practice where the staff member practices.

"Associated Organisation" refers to which organisation the provider number will be used for. Currently, you can use provider numbers in Medipass to:

  • Process instant private health insurance transactions via HICAPS (for this scenario, select "HICAPS" as the funder.) 
  • Send an invoice to Garrison Health Services (for this scenario, select "Garrison" as the funder.) 
  • Apply for HBF's new dental provider arrangement (for this scenario, select "HBF" as the funder.)

If adding a staff member or practitioner who works across multiple locations, add the practice location and provider number for that staff member, then click 'Add provider number' again to enter in your additional location.  

When you're done, click 'Add staff member'. 

Once verified (this takes just a few days), your staff member will appear in your list of staff. 

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