With Medipass, a patient can find your practice, view a service, know what their service is going to cost, and contact you about this service!
All this, from their from the patients mobile phone.

Creating services is a great way to make your practice stand out in the directory.

Creating services also helps when creating a payment request, by allowing you to create custom pricing for item codes, allowing you to select the services, rather than having to enter them in when making your payment.

A patient can find your service in their area via the directory, and view a service that matches their needs such as "Consultation" or "Standard consultation".
If the patient isn't sure if a service is the right fit, or would like to request a quote they have that option as well.

When a patient is selecting a service they can view the out of pocket cost for that particular service, and be able to choose which practitioner provides that service if there are multiple practitioners assigned to that service.

Patients then have the option to contact the practice through different options!
When editing your practice details, you can see the various contact options you can add. Click here to learn how to add those contact options.

For step by step instructions on how to add services to your practice, click here!

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