To add a new staff member, select the "Staff" tab on the left hand side of your portal.

In the "Staff" tab, you can see a list of staff for your business or practice.
Next, select the blue "Add a staff member" button 

You can then fill in the details for this staff member.
If the staff member has a provider number, click on the "Add a provider number" button.

To use Medipass for Garrison Health Services, be sure to select the "Garrison" associated organisation

If the provider practices multiple modalities, such as Psychology and Clinical Psychology, you will need to enter each modality separately.

If the staff member you are adding is a Practice Manager, you can select which practice they manage.

If adding a staff member or practitioner who works across multiple locations, add the practice location and provider number for that staff member, then click 'Add provider number' again to enter in your additional location. 

Once you have completed the staff details, be sure to click "Add staff member"

The new staff members provider number will now display as "Pending" - it takes up to 5 business days for provider numbers to be approved.

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