If your practice uses Cliniko as your practice management system, you can now integrate it with Medipass! This will allow you to process claims and payments entirely from your Cliniko account. Here's Joel from Cliniko with a quick demonstration.

The first step is to generate and copy an API or 'secret key' from your Medipass account. An API key is a code (usually a sequence of letters and numbers) that allows you to link the information from one application to another. 

Important: Any application with access to your API key will have access to all of the information in that account. Keep your API keys as secure as your password and only provide them to systems you trust.  

To generate an API key from your Medipass, first select your account name in the top right hand corner.

Then select "Medipass account"

You can then scroll to the bottom of this page to the "API keys" section and select "Generate API key"

Copy the key that appears. Depending on the integration you're setting up, you'll need to paste this key somewhere in the other software platform. 

Next up: follow these instructions to paste the key into your Cliniko account.

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