This article explains the advanced options when setting the price for services. For information on how to set these services up, click here.

When creating a service in Medipass, there are advanced options you can use to create pricing for different practitioners or set up preferred pricing for a specific health fund. 

Staff pricing overrides

Sometimes different practitioners may charge different prices for the same service. If that's the case for your practice, you can enter in each staff member's price here.

Health fund pricing

If your practice is a preferred provider for a particular health fund, you will want to create separate pricing for patients who are with that fund. Here's how to do so.

After filling in the details for a new service and choosing which item/s to include, click on "Add health fund pricing". Choose the fund you want to create preferred pricing for and enter in the price for patients who are with that fund.

 Patients who are with that fund will automatically be charged the different price. 

Click here for instructions on how to edit a service.

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