(You can continue to use Medipass to invoice Garrison for ADF services delivered before the 1st of July 2019. For any questions regarding arrangements from 1st July 2019, please contact Bupa ADF Health Services on 1800 316 915 or by email on adfhscproviders@bupa.com.au)

If your practice is part of the GHS Provider Network, you can submit invoices to Garrison Health Services through the Medipass portal. This cuts down on admin, allows you to easily track the status of your invoices at any time, and best of all gets you paid sooner!

First up, here's a quick demo of creating a payment in Medipass.

To begin an invoice, click the “Create payment request” button. 

Enter in the details for your practice, provider and episode of care. (If you come across any terms you're not familiar with, try this article.)

Note: If you have already processed a claim for a prior episode of care, you can search for it by typing the EP name, EPID or DAN. If this is a new episode of care, fill the details in manually and they’ll be saved for next time.

When you have filled everything in, click on "Create payment request". If any fields have not been filled out correctly, you won't be able to proceed further until they've been sorted out. This allows us to prevent mistakes and get your invoice processed as quickly as possible.

Next up: Checking the status of an invoice

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