(You can continue to use Medipass to invoice Garrison for ADF services delivered before the 1st of July 2019. For any questions regarding arrangements from 1st July 2019, please contact Bupa ADF Health Services on 1800 316 915 or by email on adfhscproviders@bupa.com.au)

Here are some explanations of common terms you'll see when creating invoices for Garrison Health Services.

  • Invoice reference: Your unique invoice reference. This could be an invoice number from your practice management system.
  • Failed to attend claim: If this claim includes one or more items for a failure to attend scenario, please select Yes. Further guidelines on FTAs are provided here.
  • DAN:  A Defence Approval Number (DAN) is provided by Garrison Health Services Central Appointments Team. The DAN is generally six digits, however in some cases it may include a prefix followed by six digits, for example J642457.
    In emergency situations a DAN may not be available. In these circumstances please ensure that you select No DAN and a reason code.
    For more information, click here
  • EP ID: An Entitled Person ID number (EPID) is provided by Garrison Health Services Central Appointments Team and should be known by the patient. The EPID is generally seven digits starting with an eight, for example: 8564729. EPID was formally known as PMKeys.
    In exception cases an EPID may not be known. In these circumstances, please ensure you select No EPID and a reason code.
    You can find more information about EP ID numbers here 
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