Whether changing your device and keeping your mobile number, or needing to update your new phone number. Follow these steps to update your personal details! 

When transferring devices, but keeping your mobile number.

This is as simple as uninstalling the Medipass app on the original device, and installing it on the new device. Your Medipass account is tied to the email and mobile number you used to set up your Medipass account.
After installing the Medipass app on your new device, you will need to log in using your email and mobile number details as they remain unchanged.

When transferring devices and changing mobile numbers

For this process, your medipass account will need to be update with your new mobile number.
On your old device, within the HICAPS Go app navigate to settings. This is located at the bottom right-hand side of your screen.
Select ‘Members’ under the ‘Medipass Account’ area, followed by selecting the member whose details you would like to update.

Select ‘Personal Details’, then update your phone number under ‘Edit your account’  

A verification code will be sent to your new mobile number, you will be prompted to enter this code.

Once your phone number has been updated, you can now delete the original device, and install the Medipass app on your new device. Using your registration details, you can now log in to the app.

You have successfully edited your details 😀

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