Medipass enables your patients to pay for their service fully out of pocket.

Want to take a payment and issue a receipt so your patient can claim back their benefit from their health fund? Click here.

To initiate a patient invoice, select the "Patient invoice" option.

Continue to enter the details of the transaction as normal.

Once the transaction is approved and the payment has gone through successfully, you'll see it reflected in your Medipass portal.

To ensure a patient can claim back their benefit from their health fund, follow the below steps

Once you're at the Service items option, select "Other item" option and enter the HICAPS item code in the description field.

Once the payment is taken, you can scroll to the bottom of the invoice to select "Send receipt". There you can enter the patient's email address so they can receive their receipt.

For more details on receipts, click here.


A lump sum will be received the next business day for all the payments that you process on any given day. Please note, that payments must be processed before 9:55PM AEST to be included in the next business days settlement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or email us at We're happy to help!

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