With Medipass, you can approve allied health payments via the web.

When your practitioner has finished a service, they will send you a text message that contains a link. 

When you tap on that link it will open a window in your browser.
You will be asked to allow Medipass to view your location, this is a requirement of your private health fund, to make sure you are present at the practice location.

Once you select "Continue" you can then enter your private health insurance card details.

Note: If you are wanting to pay in full for this service, simple select the "Skip & pay full amount" option below the continue button.

After selecting "Continue" you will be able to see your service details, such as the practice name, what service you received, time and date of the service etc.

Under the payment section, you can see the total fee, your benefit amount from your health insurance and the out of pocket fee you have been requested to pay.

You can now enter your payment card details and personal details.

Save these details
By saving these details, next time you pay with Medipass you wont need to enter any payment details or private health insurance card details. Next time - All you will need to do is open the link sent to you from your practitioner, enter the security code sent via SMS and hit approve. Too easy.

Note: If you don't want to create a Medipass account, simply untick the "Create a Medipass account" box.

Last step - click on  "Approve" This will take you to a new screen, showing you that your transaction has been successful.
If you would like to view your Medipass account, you can hit the "View my account" button at the bottom of the screen.

That's how simple paying with Medipass can be!

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