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  1. What are the fees involved with Medipass?
  2. When will a Medipass transaction reach my bank account?
  3. Where does a payment go when I pay with Medipass?
  4. How do I view transaction made through Medipass?
  5. Can I view Medipass transaction through my PMS?
  6. Where can I view my private health insurance payments in my bank statement?
  7. Where can I view the daily transactions in Medipass?
  8. What does Medipass Pro cost?

1. What are the fees involved with Medipass? 

With Medipass, there are currently no sign up, monthly or terminal rental fees. When HICAPS or other funder enabled your business to use Medipass, they will provide an updated provider agreement. Any transaction fees charged by HICAPS or other funder will be reflected in that agreement. As a general policy, there are no fees on health fund claims. Merchant service fees may apply on the "gap" / out of pocket portion when your patient uses a credit or debit card.  It's best to check with HICAPS or other funder for fee schedules. 

2. When will a Medipass payment reach my bank account?
This will differ depending on the kind of transaction.
For private health insurance transactions processed via Medipass, will be settled via the HICAPS and NAB settlement processes. Typically, claim payments should be received within 2 business days and out of pocket payments within 1 business day (may vary slightly depending on the bank you're with).
If you're using Medipass to send invoices to Garrison Health Services for a contracted provider, the current payment terms are seven days.
For Medicare claims, if it is bulk billed your payment should be made within 1 - 2 business days. Or if the claim is a patient claimed invoice, you will receive the payment the next business day. 

3. Where does a payment go when I pay with Medipass?
For HICAPS, the payment will be paid into the account registered with HICAPS and used for your existing settlement.
For Garrison Health Services invoices, they will be paid to the bank account registered with Garrison Health Services.
For Medicare claim payments, your payment will be paid to the nominated bank details that were sent to Medicare via the HW052 and HW027 forms. 

4. How do I view my Medipass transactions?
You can view all transactions made in the Medipass portal by clicking on the “Transactions” tab listed on the left navigation menu. If you would like to filter by the results funds (like HICAPS, Medicare, etc) or status of transaction, simply click the “Show filters” button on the top right hand corner.

5. Can I view my Medipass transactions through my practice management system?
Not currently.  But you can view all transactions online and in real-time via Medipass portal.

6. Where do the private health insurance transactions made via Medipass appear in my bank statement?
The claim payments you process through Medipass will appear along with your HICAPS claims, any gap portion processed through Medipass will appear as a separate line on your bank statement.

7. Where can I view my daily transaction from Medipass?
You are able to view your daily transactions in the Medipass portal by selecting the dashboard tab. You can filter the dashboard tab by day to view your daily transactions.

8. What does Medipass Pro cost?
We are currently in the process of finalising the pricing for Medipass Pro. It will be a subscription model. Currently, Pro is free of charge and we will allow for plenty of time to both communicate any changes and the impact to providers. To clarify, Medipass will always maintain a free version of the product alongside Pro.
If you would like more information about Medipass Pro click here.

If you have any other questions about fees or settlements, you can always contact us through the chat bubble in your Medipass portal or at

For information about the status of a Garrison Health Services transaction, click here

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