Creating a digital private health insurance claim through Medipass allows your patient to instantly claim their health fund benefit, and just pay the gap.

Click the "Get Paid" button on the left panel and click the "Private health insurance" tile.

Then click "Health Insurance Claims"

If you haven't created an invoice for this patient before click "Add new patient" to add their details.

Note: These details will be saved in your "Patients" tab.

If this patient has previously completed a transaction at your location you can search for their name in the patient search option.

Afterwards, select the location and provider for this invoice. Next select the item code and enter the price for this appointment then click "Continue to payment".

You will then see a loading screen, waiting for the patient to approve this request.

The patient then has the option to pay their gap by card or in person:

  • If paying by card, they can tap the "card" option to enter their card details and "Approve".

  • If they're paying in person (for example, with cash or via a terminal), they can tap "in person" and then tap "Approve". For details on how to enable the 'pay in person' payment option, click here.

When the claim and the payment have been successful, you will be taken to a transaction summary where you can see an "Approved" health fund claim, and an "Accepted" gap payment.

Click here for a printable claiming guide for your patients.

If you require further assistance, you can contact the Medipass support team by clicking the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or by emailing

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