For private health insurance transactions, an Error 12 is a generic decline message sent to us by your health fund. Unfortunately, we aren't provided with any more information from funds about why you received an Error 12. Common reasons for an Error 12 include:

  • There was a problem with your health fund policy.

  • The health fund encountered a technical issue.

  • The health fund details provided do not match those associated with your membership.

  • You attempted to claim for the same or similar item with the same provider on the same day of service as for a claim previously approved (this is generally not permitted).

If you encounter an Error 12, we recommend contacting your health fund who will be able to give you more information as to why. Also, be sure to check that the membership details submitted match those on your health fund card.

If you have received an Error 91 message, click here for more information.

We work hand in hand with third parties such as HICAPS, NAB and practice management software companies to ensure you have a secure and enjoyable experience with Medipass. If you think something isn't right or you encounter multiple errors, get in contact our support team at

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