Medipass works with HICAPS to ensure your provider data is ready to use when you sign up for a Medipass account. If you're a health care provider or practice manager and your business is registered with either HICAPS or GHS, you can follow our simple verification process to start using Medipass right away. Here's how it works. 

Step 1: Create a Medipass account

Simply go to the Medipass sign up page and enter your details.
We use provider numbers to search for the associated practice and business data and set up your Medipass profile. You can either search for a provider number now, or leave it until later.
Note: you do not have to search for your own provider number. We know that if you're a practice manager, you might not have one! Any provider number that's registered to the business you want to set Medipass up for is fine. 

Step 2: Claim your business

Once you're inside the Medipass portal, click "Claim your business" and search for a provider number. We will find the practice that's registered against that provider number. To verify your identity, we place an automated phone call to that practice with a secure code, so you need to be waiting by the phone. Once you receive that phone call, enter the security code in the boxes provided.
(If you entered a provider number during Step One, you will automatically be taken to this screen.)

Step 3: Finalise your other details 

From the "Get Started" screen, we will prompt you to review the practice and staff details we have in Medipass. You can either make any necessary changes yourself, or contact us to update your information. From here, you're ready to start processing payment requests! 

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