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- How do I add a staff member?
- The DAN, EPID and DOB aren't matching, what do I do?
- What item codes do I use for Specialist Dentist item codes?
- How do I add notes to an invoice?
- How do I invoice for inpatient or an emergency treatment?
- What to do when a patient doesn't attend an appointment.
- What item code would I use for an item, not a service provided?

(You can continue to use Medipass to invoice Garrison for ADF services delivered before the 1st of July 2019. For any questions regarding arrangements from 1st July 2019, please contact Bupa ADF Health Services on 1800 316 915 or by email on

How do I add a staff member?

For instructions on how to add a Garrison provider, click here. Be sure to select "Garrison" as the associated organisation when adding a provider number.

The DAN, EPID and DOB aren't working, what do I do?
First check if there are any spaces in any of the patients details, the birth year is a four digit number, and the DAN begins with a J. If you have each of these tips, the quickest way to confirm the DAN, EPID and DOB are correct is to contact Garrison Health Services Invoicing and Payments team. You can find the contact details here - Garrison Health Services contact us.

What item codes do I use for Specialist Dental modalities?
Any dental speciality item code with an "s" before the item code, can be found in Medipass with the letter "d" before the item code. Such as the item code S417 will be D417 in Medipass. Medipass will flag the modality of the provider, which determines the speciality.

I would like to add notes or a tooth number to my invoice.
To add notes such as tooth numbers, or details why a patient did not attend an appointment, you can create the invoice and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will be able to see a "Explanatory notes" text box. There you can enter any information needed for the invoice.

How do I invoice for an emergency treatment or inpatient items?
When invoicing for an emergency treatment or inpatient items, select  "Yes" under "For an emergency treatment" or "Includes hospital inpatient items".
If there is no DAN or EPID due to an emergency treatment, click on the "No Defence Approval Number" check box or "No Entitled Person ID" check box.
You will be prompted to enter a reason for the patient not having a DAN.

What do I do if a patient doesn't attend an appointment?
When a patient fails to attend a service, you can select "Yes" under the "Failed to attend claim" option.
Select the item code that you would have selected, if the patient was to attend.

What item code do I select for a health app such as a blood pressure machine or a fit ball?
You can select the item code "MISCITEM - MISCELLANEOUS" and add a description of what the item is. This description should include details of the item, or why the "MISCITEM" code is being used.
You can search for this item code by typing "miscitem".

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