(You can continue to use Medipass to invoice Garrison for ADF services delivered before the 1st of July 2019. For any questions regarding arrangements from 1st July 2019, please contact Bupa ADF Health Services on 1800 316 915 or by email on adfhscproviders@bupa.com.au)

Questions covered in this article

  • What does a "Completed" status mean?
  • What does it mean when my invoice is "Archived"?
  • Do I receive remittance advice?
  • When do I receive my payment?
  • How do I enter multi operations or derived fees?

My invoice says "Completed"  - What does that mean?
When a payment is displaying as "Completed", your invoice is scheduled to be paid according to your payment terms (payment terms are currently 7-days for all provider-input invoices)

My payment request has been "Archived"  - What does this mean?
Your invoice may be marked as "Archived" as Garrison Health Services may be processing this invoice manually. For there invoices that are processed manually, you will continue to receive remittance advice from Garrison Health Services. Some invoices marked as "Archived" can be caused as this invoice could be a duplicate invoice, and has already been paid.

Do I still receive a remittance advice when I claim payments through Medipass?

The remittance process for Garrison Health Services payment requests will continue to be sent as per the normal processes, via email. Your remittance will use the invoice number you entered into the Medipass portal.

When will I get paid for my invoice to Garrison if I enter the invoice through the Medipass provider portal?
The currently payment terms for Garrison Health Service are seven days, this is based on the entry date of the invoice. Garrison Health Service payments are made on Tuesdays and Fridays, so the payment will be sent on the upcoming payment day.
If you have any questions about a payment, it's best to contact the Invoices and Payments team Garrison Health Services directly:
Phone: 1300 126 420
Email: garrison.offbase@medibank.com.au

How do I charge for reporting? Select “Report” and enter or requestor or reason for report, then the reporting charge.

How can I enter Multiple Operations prices to my payment request?
With Medipass, you can select the item code, then type the price that you charge.
You can apply the multi-ops pricing with the "Net amount" price field.

I have questions about my payment or remittance, who do I speak to?
For questions about payments or remittances, it's best to speak directly to Garrison Health Services. The team at Garrison Health Services will be able to look into your transaction and payment details, and provide more information.
Phone: 1300 126 420
Email: garrison.offbase@medibank.com.au

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