After logging into your Medipass account, select staff on the left hand-side menu.

On this page, you will be able to view all the staff members that are currently registered under your business or practise. Now, select the 'Add a staff member' button that can be located in the top right corner.

Next, will be asked if this staff member is a healthcare provider.

Note: If you would like the provider to log on to Medipass, select "Yes"

After selecting "+ Add provider number", you will be able to enter the relevant information for your staff member.
"Associated organisation" refers to which organisation the provider number will be used for. Be sure to select "HBF", as this will ensure you have access to the HBF documents that are HBF specific to you.

Be sure to select "Add staff member" once you're happy with the details.

For more detailed information about adding staff, please view: Adding Staff Members

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