Staff members in your Medipass are assigned one of three roles, depending on what they need to access within the portal.
You can find more information about Medipass user roles here - Medipass User Roles.

Before you can make a staff member a business administrator you will need to create the staff in Medipass.
To do this select the "Staff" tab and select "+ Add a staff member".
If they're not a practitioner you can select "No" when asked if the staff member is a service provider.

You can then add their email address that they will use to login to Medipass, select the location they manage and click "Save".

This staff member will now receive a welcome email to Medipass to allow them to login to the account.

To make a staff member a Business Administrator
Start by selecting the "Staff" tab

And select the staff member you would like to make business administrator.

You can then select the "Grant business admin" button on the top right-hand side of your Medipass account.

Note: The staff member must have a Medipass account. If the staff member does not currently have a Medipass account, select "Edit" and enter a unique email. Be sure to save these changes.

Once you have granted a staff member a business admin role, you will be able to see a "Business admin" badge below their name.

To revoke business admin access from a staff member
First select the "Staff" tab.

Now select the staff member who currently has business administrator access.

You can the select the "Revoke business admin" button

This will then remove the business access from this staff member.

If you have any issues granting, or removing business admin, you can always contact support via the chat bubble in your Medipass portal or at

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