First step is to download the HICAPS Go app!
If you haven't downloaded the HICAPS Go app, you can click on this link which will take you straight to the HICAPS Go app in your app store.

After downloading the HICAPS Go app, you can click "Continue"

You can then enter your email address. This will be the email you will use to sign in to your HICAPS Go app.

You will then be able to add the details of your account. Be sure to check the User Terms box!

Once you have hit continue, you will receive an SMS to the mobile number you just added to your account details. This SMS contains a security code that you will be asked to enter.

After entering the security code, you will be asked to add your private health insurance card details.

After selecting "Continue", you will be asked to add your payment card details.

Note: You can add your health insurance details and payment card details at a later date by selecting "Setup later", but these details will need to be added to claim and pay with the HICAPS Go app.

Last step is to set a four digit pin. You will need to enter this pin when you want to log in to your HICAPS Go account, so be sure to remember it!

Note: You can always reset this pin if you've forgotten the pin by clicking on "Forgot pin?"

You can now search for health professionals in your area 🎉

Wondering how HICAPS Go works? Click here.

If you have any questions or issues, you can always contact support at

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