To help prevent fraud and abuse, we have an obligation to ensure new provider numbers entered in to Medipass match to what is registered with a given healthcare funder. We take this obligation seriously, which is why we sometimes require additional validation and why it generally takes a few days for a provider number to show up in your account as "Approved".

If something is preventing us from approving a provider number in your account, you will receive an email from our Support team to let you know. If you get one of these emails, or you're wondering why your provider number hasn't been approved yet, this article outlines the most common reasons for any delay. 

Reason 1: The provider’s name in Medipass is not the same name as what is registered with a given funder.

To fix this, you can remove the provider number from any incorrect staff, and create a profile for the correct staff member/provider number by following these instructions

Example: A provider number has been added to a staff member profile in Medipass that is different to who the provider number is actually registered to.

Reason 2: there is a problem with a location's address.

When you add a provider number to a staff member's profile, you will be asked to select which location that provider number is for.

The address in Medipass of the location you select must be the location the provider number is registered to.

In order for us to ensure addresses in Medipass match what is registered with a given funder, we don't allow location addresses to be freely edited by users. However, if you need to change a location address you can contact, or chat to us via the chat bubble in your Medipass portal.

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Reason 3: There is a problem with the provider number itself

Provider numbers in Medipass will generally be eight characters, and usually have six numbers followed by either two letters, or a number and a letter.
For example: 1234567A or 123456AB. 

If you have a pending provider number in Medipass and neither of the reasons outlined above seem to apply, it's a good idea to double-check that the number itself is correct. If the number entered in Medipass doesn't match what's registered with a given healthcare funder, we will not be able to approve it.
You can edit a provider number in Medipass by following these instructions.

Reason 4: The provider is not registered with the selected healthcare funder. 

When adding a provider number to a staff member's profile, you will also be asked to select an "Associated organisation". 

"Associated organisation" refers to which organisation the provider number will be used for.
When enabling new HICAPS provider numbers in Medipass, we need to ensure that provider number is registered with the selected funder.

If this article didn't have the answer you needed, or you have any other questions about pending provider numbers, you can contact Medipass support any time via the chat bubble in your Medipass portal or by emailing

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