Practices that have approved HBF Member Plus Dental Agreements are required to notify HBF of any new and/or departing Practitioners. To notify HBF, simply follow these steps.

Important note: HBF does not have access to see staff changes made in the "Staff" tab.

1. Login to Medipass.
2. Select the "Documents" tab on the left hand side

3. Select the "HBF Members Plus Dental - Change practitioner" form

4. Select "Apply" at the bottom of the page.
5. Select your practice under the "Form" heading

6. Add or remove staff members.
You'll be able to see all providers previously added to this agreement.

To add a provider select "Add another provider" to enter their name and provider number.

To remove a provider select the "Remove" option to the right of their name.

7. Complete the "Declaration" and select "Submit".

Note: Adding staff members to the agreement will not create a staff member for this provider in Medipass.

Once the form is submitted HBF will receive this newly updated form.

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