When creating a Medicare claim, it is possible to process the payment to someone other than the recipient of the treatment (for example, a parent). 

This option is available in the “Patient and claimant details” section of the claim creation screen.

Here, you can choose who is going to claim the MBS benefit: the patient or someone else

'The patient will claim the benefit' will be selected by default. If this is the correct option, proceed to the patient search.

If a person other than the patient is claiming the benefit:

  1. Select 'Someone else will claim the benefit'.
  2. Search for the account by their name or full mobile number. Alternatively, enter their Medicare details manually.
  3. Search for the claimant by name or full mobile number. If no Medipass account is found for the claimant, click on “Send payment request to [mobile number]”. 

Click the blue button "Create payment request" button. The claimant will receive an SMS with instructions for approving the payment request.

Want to create a Medicare patient claim? Click here

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