To submit a claim, a provider's details need to be added to your Medipass "Staff members".

To add a new provider, navigate to the “Get Paid” tab and click “Settings” in the "Medicare" tile.

You can then click "Add Provider".

Complete the following details below.

Once the details have been entered, click "Confirm and Continue".

Now to download the Medicare Online forms.

Click on "Download Application Form" and select "Finish". You will then receive your new Medicare Online forms which you'll need to complete and send to Medicare to enable you to process Medicare claims through Medipass. Your new provider should also be added at this point too.

For more details on how to fill out the forms attached, we have this article here aimed to help.

Please note, it will take up to 5 business days for Medicare to process this form. Do not attempt to process any Medicare transactions in Medipass until this time has passed. Medicare will not contact you to say your application has been approved. They will only contact you if there is an issue. Therefore, if you haven’t heard anything from Medicare after five business days, you can begin claiming.

When this provider is selected when making a Medicare claim, Medipass will pre-populate the item codes and MBS fee based on their profession details.

The MBS schedule is updated regularly by DHS/Medicare. Medipass automatically imports the schedule and updates changes to item codes, validity, pricing and description.

Click here for instructions on how to create a Medicare patient claim.
Click here for steps explaining how to create a bulk billed Medicare claim.

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