To submit a claim, a provider's details need to be added to your Medipass "Staff members".

To add a new provider, navigate to the “Staff” tab and click “Add a staff member”.

You will then be asked if the staff member has a provider number, and if they need to log in to the business.
If the staff member won't be logging in to create Medicare claims, you can select no.

Note: If the provider does not need to log in to Medipass, the only mandatory fields are first name, last name and provider details.

You can add any provider registration details, such as AHPRA, ESSA, NDIS, etc.

To add their Medicare provider number, click "Add provider number" and complete the details.
Be sure to select "Medicare" for "Associated organisation", as this determines what kind of claims the staff member can make.

Once the details have been entered, click "Save" and then "Add staff member".
You will now be able to create Medicare claims for this staff member 🎉

When this provider is selected when making a Medicare claim, Medipass will pre-populate the item codes and MBS fee based on their profession details.

The MBS schedule is updated regularly by DHS/Medicare. Medipass automatically imports the schedule and updates changes to item codes, validity, pricing and description.

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