Medipass enables practices to raise HICAPS claims without the need for a physical HICAPS EFTPOS Terminal. It’s called HICAPS Go and here’s how it works.


There are two parts to HICAPS Go; the provider and the patient experience. Let’s go deeper on each one of these:

1. For Providers

In order to enable terminal-free claims, quotes and payments, a provider needs to sign up to the HICAPS Go Provider Facility.  It includes an agreement with HICAPS for claiming and quoting with Private Health Insurers, and also includes an agreement with NAB for processing of gap payments (ie, Visa and MasterCard).

Medipass and HICAPS work together, so that when you have signed up to the HICAPS Go Provider Facility, we are advised and we enable this connection in your Medipass portal.

Payments from HICAPS and NAB are made into your bank account in the same way as HICAPS settles funds into your account with a traditional HICAPS terminal. You can read more about this here.

To sign up to the HICAPS Go Provider Facility, click here.

2. For Patients

Claims that Medipass send to Private Health Insurers via HICAPS are sent to your patients mobile phone for approval via SMS. Your patient simply clicks the SMS and completes the approval process.

You can view what our SMS Payment Requests looks like here.

By sending your patient an SMS, they are not required to download an App, or to have a Medipass Consumer Account.

Some patients may choose to download the HICAPS Go Consumer App from the Apple or Google App Store. This App can also be used to approve claims and view quotes, but it must be setup before a patient can claim, and a patient must have a Medipass Consumer Account.

Medipass Consumer Account

Patients who use Medipass can choose to save their private health insurance and credit card information in a Medipass Consumer Account, so that next time they pay with Medipass, it’s an even quicker claim and payment experience. A consumer account can be created by clicking on the link here.

When we send an SMS to a patient, we make it very clear that creating a Medipass Consumer Account is optional.

If a patient has downloaded the HICAPS Go Consumer App, then it is mandatory for them to create a Medipass Consumer Account and sign in with those details.

Other things to know

There are a few other important things to know about HICAPS Go:

  • Which private health insurers are supported?
    HICAPS Go is supported by these funds (check back regularly, as this list is updated often).
  • What are the fees?
    HICAPS do not charge monthly fixed fees for the HICAPS Go Provider Facility, and neither do Medipass. That means you can sign up for the HICAPS Go Provider Facility and have access to the private health insurance claiming and quoting at no cost. All you pay is your Merchant Service Fee that HICAPS charges for processing out of pocket gap payments. If you would like to speak to HICAPS about any of this, click here.
  • How do quotes work?
    Because you no longer require a terminal to run quotes, you can send your patient a quote straight to their mobile phone, no matter where they are located, even if they aren’t at your practice. Learn more here:
  • Do patients need physical cards?
    No, but you do need to know their membership card details and enter them into Medipass.

If you need any other help, our support team is available 8am to 6pm AEST Monday to Friday. You can contact us via the chat bubble on the bottom right of every page. 

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