What is HICAPS Go?

HICAPS Go enables allied healthcare providers to use Medipass to raise digital private health insurance claims, without a physical EFTPOS Terminal.

Instead of swiping their private health insurance card on a HICAPS terminal, a request is sent to your patient’s mobile phone via SMS for their approval.

Quoting without a terminal is also supported. This means you can send your patient a quote straight to their mobile phone, no matter where they are located, even if they aren’t at your practice. A HICAPS Go quote will include a real-time estimate on their private health insurance benefit and gap fee.

HICAPS Go works particularly well for:

  1. Raising payment requests on the go, like for valid home consultations.
  2. Users who are integrated to Medipass for HICAPS Go claiming, like Cliniko and Nookal.

Make sure HICAPS Go is right for you

There are some limitations to HICAPS Go, and it's important to understand them. Here are the key things to know:

  • While HICAPS Go supports Bupa, Medibank and NIB, not all other private health insurers are supported. You can view a list of supported funds here. Check back regularly, as this list is updated often.
  • HICAPS Go does not yet support telehealth claiming. We expect to have this functionality live soon. In the meantime, to take out of pocket payments for telehealth consultations, Medipass Card Payments is a great option.
  • While your patient does not need their private health insurance membership card, they do need to know their card details so that they can be entered into Medipass.

Pricing and fees

HICAPS do not charge fees to process claims for HICAPS Go, and neither does Medipass. That means you can process private health insurance claims and quotes at no cost.

Using HICAPS Go for gap payments

When signing up to HICAPS Go, you will likely also be required to sign up to a NAB Merchant Facility, also known as HICAPS Go Gap Payments. This facility can currently be used in Medipass for gap payments with a private health claim. However, advanced payment functionality requires the activation of Medipass Card Payments. If you would like to know more about HICAPS Go Gap Payments, or Medipass Card Payments, please contact us and we will help you to work out which is the best solution for you.

How to sign up to HICAPS Go

To sign up to HICAPS Go, send an email to HICAPSSales@HICAPS.com.au. Just request to enable digital claiming via Medipass, and the HICAPS team will complete the registration process with you.

Note: Medipass is not involved with this initial step of the registration process. However, feel free to CC support@medipass.com.au on your email so that we're in the loop!

HICAPS send Medipass your registration details once they have enabled you, and Medipass will notify you when your account is provisioned and ready to go.

And please remember, while signing up to HICAPS Go also gives you a NAB Merchant Facility, this is not required to use HICAPS Go for PHI claiming.

Learn more about HICAPS Go

If you have any questions, or would like to chat about anything in this article, please don't hesitate to contact us via the pink chat bubble or on support@medipass.io.

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