By default, the HICAPS Go patient app directory will list your practice information and details, such as practice location, services, etc when patients are searching for a quote or services. These details can be removed and hidden from this directory.

Reasons to remove yourself from the directory:

  • If you practice from a private address
  • If you are a mobile provider with a location information listed

To remove your practice from the directory, simply start by navigating into the "Practices" section. 

You will then need to select the practice that you would like to hide from the directory and hit the red 'Edit practice' button located at the top of the page.

If you navigate to the bottom of the page you will be able to locate the "Directory settings". Simply disable/untick "Appear in Medipass directory" and hit "Save changes".

Your practice has now been removed and hidden from the HICAPS directory! 

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