In order to send transactions to a HICAPS terminal, you need to set up your terminal integration first. For instructions on how to do this, see this article.

You can now send a payment request from Medipass directly to your HICAPS terminal. This allows patients to easily pay for their services and claim a health fund benefit without having to download an app.

To send a payment request to your terminal:

  1. Select the ‘Create Payment Request’ in your Medipass portal

2. Select the ‘Private Health Insurance’ scheme tile, and then "Send to terminal". This will only appear where you Medipass software installed on your computer.

3. Select the appropriate practice. Only practices that have terminals associated with them will appear.

4. Select the appropriate terminal and provider. Only providers that are loaded onto your terminal will appear.

5. Enter details of your patient.

6. Select 'Create payment request' to send the claim to your terminal.

Once completed, a payment request will be sent to your terminal. After your patient has finalised the payment, the transaction will be reflected in Medipass, viewable in your transactions page.

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