As a part of Medipass' responsibility to meet the regulatory commitments of Medicare, we must perform an identify (ID) check on the beneficial owners of the business that is actively transacting with Medicare. 

This article aims to clarify some of your questions regarding our identification process.

Why are you calling me to do the ID check? 

  • We are currently developing a solution to perform this ID check via the Medipass portal. However, this solution is not ready for general use yet. Therefore, we are manually performing ID checks via calls for now. 

How do I know it’s really Medipass calling me? 

  • Medipass's Customer Success team will be performing these checks. It will either be Kassy, Jessica, Sophie or Lawrence that you will be speaking to.
  • If you would like an on-the-spot confirmation of the Medipass team, let us know while you're on the call. 

Is my information safe?

  • Yes, the details that you are disclosing over the phone are not stored on any database. Therefore, we won’t be able to recall the information. We are directly inputting your information into Equifax to perform a on-the-spot assessment. See below to learn more about Equifax

Who are Equifax

  • Equifax is the credit reporting body that Medipass will use to validate your identity.

What is a Credit Reporting body (CRB)?

  • An agency that collects, stores, uses and discloses personal and credit related information about individuals. The CRB collects this information from credit providers and publicly available sources.
  • For Medipass' purposes, we are using the information stored by the CRB to verify someone's identity.

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