When creating a payment request to a patient/client that has never used Medipass before, you will need to send them a SMS quote for them to review and approve. 

However, if sending a payment does not look as it should or work, we can reconfigure your Medipass business settings to enable it work correctly. 

How it a SMS invite should look when business settings configured correctly:

How it may look when business settings are configured incorrectly:

Let's get it working correctly!

To enable payment requests via a SMS, first navigate to the 'Business settings' via the main menu on the left side of your Medipass portal.

Click on the "SMS Payments" tab and click on "Enable payment requests via SMS" and the red "Disabled" text will change to a green "Enabled".

You will now be able to send SMS payment requests 🎉

If you would like to learn how to create payments, check this out!

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