At Medipass we work closely with HICAPS, which is the system many healthcare practitioners use to process your health insurance claim on the spot using the HICAPS terminal and their digital platform HICAPS Go, which allows you to digitally complete a transaction without the use of a physical terminal.

How does the HICAPS Go app work?

Firstly, the app requires you to have a Medipass account, which you can set up here. Once your account is set up you can download the HICAPS Go app, from either the app store or by following this quick link 

When it comes time to pay for your appointment, your practitioner will be able to send the payment directly to the app, after selecting the notification on your phone, you are taken to the transaction tab where you can then view and approve the payment. 

Once approved, your credit card is charged the gap amount, the receipt for the transaction is then stored in the HICAPS Go app, which you are able to view at your convenience.

The HICAPS Go app also allows you to: 

  • Get a quote for healthcare services, so you can see how much it'll cost and how much you can claim back on your health insurance
  •  Find practitioners in your area
  •  Store your health insurance card details, meaning you no longer need your physical card

If you have not downloaded the HICAPS Go app, the transaction can be completed via SMS. For information on paying with SMS, see this article.

Note: we're working with Australian health funds to get them enabled for Medipass claiming. If you're still waiting for your fund to come on board, you can save them in your settings and we'll notify you when they're ready to go. For a complete list of the currently enabled funds, click here.  

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