With Medipass, you can pay for your Medicare claim via your phone, and we will automatically send your claim to Medicare.

For some claims, you will receive your benefit later that same day, but usually you will receive the benefit the following business day.

After your appointment, you'll receive an SMS with a link.

Once you tap this link, it will open your browser and display the details of your Medicare claim.
If you already have a Medipass account, you will be prompted to log in.

Here you can then see the details of your claim, such as the provider, and practice details.

The practice have entered your Medicare card details when creating the claim, so all that you need to do is complete the payment.

If you haven't previously saved your payment card details, you'll need to enter these.

If you've entered your payment card, or are happy with the saved payment card just tap "Approve" to complete the payment.

Note: Be sure to tap the check box, which states you authorise electronic lodgement.

Medipass then sends your Medicare claim on your behalf.

If you would like a receipt of this invoice you can enter your email address once the payment is complete.

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