This article demonstrates how to add new staff members to a Medipass business that has already been set up for icare invoicing.

If you have not yet registered your business for icare invoicing in Medipass, follow these steps first.

Add a staff member

To add a new staff member, select the "Staff" tab on the left hand side of your portal.

In the "Staff" tab, you can see a list of staff for your business or practice.
Click the "Add a staff member" button 

Fill out the general details of your new staff member, like their name and contact details. 

Add provider registration details

For allied health practitioners, fill out the Provider registration and Provider number sections. General practitioners (GPs) only need to fill out the Provider number section.

Provider registration details will provide an overview and description of this staff member's profession. In Medipass, we call this the "Professional category". A provider's professional category is what kind of service they provide - for example, physiotherapy or general practice. 

For icare, you will want to select SIRA under Provider registration type, and then add in your professional category and SIRA number.

You may also enter in your AHPRA/Professional number (or any other provider registration types) via the "Add another professional category" button, though using your SIRA number is preferred for icare.

Provider numbers are specific to icare, and what we use to ensure that your invoice is efficiently processed.

To add the staff member's provider number, click on the "Add a provider number" button. To use Medipass for icare, be sure to select the "icare" associated organisation.

If the provider practices multiple modalities, such as Psychology and Clinical Psychology, you will need to enter each modality separately.

Select "Save" to save this provider number.

Once you have completed the staff details, be sure to click "Add staff member"

The new staff members provider number will now display as "Pending" - it takes up to 5 business days for provider numbers to be approved.

If you have any questions, feel free to click on the chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner to say hi, or emailing us at We would love to chat!

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