You've just finished your appointment with a general or medical practitioner and you have Overseas Health Cover (OHC) with Bupa or Medibank Private. Your provider is using Medipass to process the transaction. There are a few different ways that you will be able to approve the payment. 

Once your provider has submitted the payment for "Approval" by you, you will receive a notification - either via SMS or the HICAPS Go app - to inform you that you have a new payment to reconcile. 

If you do not have the HICAPS GO app, you will receive an SMS to your phone. This will prompt you to either log in to your existing Medipass account or add your details to accept the transaction. Details of what this will look like to you can be found here.

Note: You can set up your Medipass account before your appointment. This way all your details will be set up and ready to go. To do this, you can follow these instructions here.

Alternatively, if you have the HICAPS Go app, you will receive a notification which will take you to the approval screen, where they simply need to tap "Approve" to finalise the payment.

That's it! The transaction has been approved by you and you will receive a receipt to your email address.

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