Your session has finished and your provider is using Medipass to process the payment. You will receive an SMS with a link that will prompt you either log in to an existing Medipass account, or enter their details to accept your transaction. 

This transaction will expire in 15 minutes, so it's important to approve the transaction before you leave the practice.

Make sure you enable sharing of your location. For more information on why we need this, click here

Note: If you already have a Medipass account, you can simply log in here and tap "Approve".

If you don't have an existing Medipass account, the next step will be to add your health card details.

Then, add your personal details.

Note: by ticking the "Create a Medipass account" box a Medipass account is created for you. This will allow you to complete transactions more easily in the future.

Once you select "Approve", the transaction is complete. 

Transactions can also be completed by using the HICAPS Go app, for more information about the HICAPS Go app, check out this article here

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