Our "Assisted card payments" option allows you to submit a Medicare patient claim and process the payment, all on behalf of the patient!

This feature allows you to process payments for patients who either do not have a smart phone, or who do not have the ability to use it for Medipass claiming and payment.

Create your Medicare payment request as normal (for information on creating a Medicare payment request, see this article). Once you've filled in all of the required details, select "Continue to payment." 

You will then be then shown an overview of your transaction and be given a list of payment options.

From these options select "Assisted card payments". From here you can then enter in your patient's card details and process the transaction.

You will need to tick that you have authorisation from the card holder to charge this account.

You can also tick the "Patient has provided consent to save their payment details for future use" so next time these details will pre-fill.

After you've put in the correct payment card, click "Submit". The payment will be taken from the payment card and the claim will be raised to Medicare.

Note: to edit the payment card details you can update these by clicking the "Patient" tab and clicking the patient's name. You can select "Edit" to change the saved card.

It's important to note that assisted card payments is only available for businesses using Medipass Card Payments. To use Medipass Card Payments you can follow these steps.

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