When you send an invoice to funders such as NDIS or icare, your bank account details are included on this invoice.

To add these details, you will need to be a Business Administrator.

Your bank account details can be added at either the Business, the Practice or the Provider level. When creating an invoice, Medipass uses your Business level bank account details first. If you have entered Practice level bank account details, then these are used. If you have entered Provider level bank account details, then these are used.

Entering Business Level Bank Account Details

To add or view your bank details, first log in, and then select the "Business settings" tab.

You can then select the "Bank account" option at the top of this page

If there are already bank details saved for your business, they will be displayed here.

If you need to add bank details, you can select "Add bank account" and enter your bank details

Once you've added your bank details, be sure to click "Save"

To edit your current bank details, just click "Edit details", enter the details and select "Save"

Entering Practice Level or Provider Level Bank Account Details

If you would like to enter Practice or Provider level bank account details, then please get in touch with us and we will support you through this process.

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