First, you will need to log in to your Medipass portal as normal.

From the menu on the left-hand-side, select the "Staff" tab like so:

Then, you will need to select the staff member whose email you wish to update from your list of staff:

Once the staff members details open, you will need to click the button "Edit" in the top-right-corner:

Here you will have the option to update the staff member's other details. To update the email, you will need to select "Edit" which is places next to their existing email address:

Now, you will have the option to input the new email and confirm this email. You will also need to input your password for security measures. Once you have input those details, select "Change email":

An email will be sent to their new email asking them to verify the updated email address by clicking on a link that is attached to the email. The staff members details will show like this until they have logged into their email and verified these new details:

Once they have verified the new email, their updated details are complete. They will be able to login with the new email address and it will show like this under their staff details. 

If you need help updating other staff details, check out this article here written by my wonderful colleague. 

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