You can create profiles for each of your patients in Medipass. A patient record can include their contact details, date of birth, private health insurance and Medicare card details. You can then reference this information when you are creating a claim, making it even easier for you and your patient.

This mean you can use a Patient Record to complete a claim on behalf of your patient, without them needing to do anything at all.

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How patient records work

A patient record is created automatically during a payment request. You can also create one manually by heading to the Patients tab and clicking on the "Add a new patient" button in the top right hand corner of your screen.

From here you can add in any of your patient's details that you might need. First name, last name and date of birth are mandatory. It's up to you what else to add in. Once you've added in what you need, click on "Add patient".

You can view a list of your patient records by selecting the "Patients" tab in your Medipass portal. You can browse your full list of patient records or use the search function to find a specific patient you might be looking for.

From the patients tab you can also update a patient record, or add in any new details, by selecting your patient and clicking on "Edit" in the top right hand corner.

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