We have made some changes to our User Terms and Privacy Policy to clarify certain sections, and to reflect additional functionality that we intend to offer to users.

The updated User Terms and Privacy Policy are effective for all users from 26 August 2019. You can review the new User Terms here and the new Privacy Policy here.

While we encourage you to read the updated User Terms and Privacy Policy in full, below is a summary of the changes that we have made:

Updates to the User Terms

  • We have included new clauses covering Plans and Payment Terms, which cover our new paid product. 
  • We have included clauses relating to Changing, Cancelling, Suspending or Restricting access to Medipass including for non-payment in relation to the paid product.
  • We have further clarified ownership of Intellectual Property insofar as the same relates to certain integrations with insurers.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

  • We have clarified that some clauses are subject to agreements with third-parties.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to email us at support@medipass.com.au or via live chat.

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