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First, log into your Medipass portal and select "Payment Request" tab

Secondly, click the option "National Disability Insurance Scheme."

Here, you will have the option to complete a "self" managed invoice or a "plan" managed invoice. For this scenario, select "self" managed:

Now, you will need to complete the following details:

1. The patient details. At this point you can select an existing patient or enter the details of a new patient. A new patient will automatically get saved as a patient record, so you won't need to manually enter all the details again next time.
2. Practice and provider details. If you have one practice, this will be pre selected. You will just need to select the provider.

3. You will need to select the service item from the drop down menu. If you are unsure what this should be, you can select the option "I don't know/enter my own description". At this point, you will also be given the option whether you would like to include GST in your invoice. 

4. When you are satisfied with your self managed invoice details, you can click "Create invoice".

You will then be given the option on how the client wishes to complete the payment: 

  • Enter payment card details (available to Medipass Pro customers only)
  • Sending to patient's mobile
  • Do not process with Medipass (you would choose this option if the client would like to pay with cash)

Once the payment choice has been made, click "Submit". You will then be presented with the completed tax invoice and be given the option to send a receipt to your customer's email or if you notice that something is incorrect, you can cancel the transaction altogether and start again. 

Any questions? Click on the pink chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and one of our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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