Bulk billed transaction
If you process a bulk billed Medicare claim that has been "approved", the payment from Medicare should arrive in your bank account the next business day.

Patient funded claim
If you're processing patient funded claims for Medicare, this will mean that the patient (or claimant, for example when a parent is paying for their child's treatment) pays you for the entire cost of your service upfront. Then, you will send the relevant claim information to Medicare on their behalf (via Medipass) which allows the patient (or claimant) to directly receive a portion of that payment back (their Medicare rebate). 

When a patient funded payment request has been "approved", NAB will generally make payment to you the very next day. Patients (or claimants) will typically receive their rebate from Medicare either later that same day or the next business day (depending on who they bank with). They will receive this rebate into the bank account they have registered with Medicare.

For more information regarding reporting view this article here.

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