Pricing categories

Medipass functionality is grouped into three categories, each with separate pricing:

  1. Medipass Card Payments

  2. Medipass Free Claims

  3. Medipass Paid Claims

Medipass fees are all transaction based, and there are no fixed fees. Therefore, if you do not use Medipass in a month, there are no fees charged for that month.

Further, Medipass has no lock in contracts, no cancellation fees, no administration fees, no setup fees and no exit fees.

Medipass Card Payments


Medipass Card Payments (MCP) enables you to accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit card payments directly from your patients, as well as advanced features like Payment Holds and Instalments.

Please note that MCP pricing varies for transactions that are raised via the following integrated software vendor systems:

  • Cliniko: please click here to view Fees for Cliniko users

  • PracSuite: please click here to view Fees for PracSuite users


The following standard Fees are incurred when using the MCP service:

  • Merchant Service Fee (MSF): 1.7% of the transaction amount. This is an all inclusive fee, including both GST and Interchange.

  • Transaction Fee: $0.30 fee per transaction. This fee applies to all MCP transactions, pre-authorisations, holds and refunds, and applies to all transaction status, including approved, declined, rejected or cancelled.

  • Chargeback: $30.00 per chargeback or dispute that is resolved in the Individual / patient's favour.

Further information on Refunds

When a refund is processed:

  • A credit is added to your account for the original MSF for that transaction.

  • A Transaction Fee is charged to process the refund, which is charged in addition to the Transaction Fee that was charged when the payment was originally processed.

Further information on Payment Holds

A Transaction Fee applies to Payment Holds when they are processed. If the hold is converted to a charge, the relevant Merchant Service Fee and Transaction Fee applies. If the hold is released, no additional fees apply.

Examples, based off the standard Medipass pricing:

  • Hold is created, then auto expires after 7 days: Total charge = $0.30

  • Hold is created, then canceled: Total charge = $0.30

  • Hold is created, then payment is taken for hold amount: Total charge = $0.30 for hold, then 1.7% + $0.30 for payment

  • Hold is created, then a separate payment is taken for an amount higher than hold amount: Total charge = $0.30 for hold, then 1.7% + $0.30 for transaction

Further information on Instalments

Each payment in an instalment plan will be charged at standard Medipass Card Payment fees, applied per transaction.

Medipass Free Claims


The following claim types are included within Medipass Free Claims:

  • icare NSW (Workers Insurance),

  • Private Health Insurance and Overseas Health Cover claiming (provided via HICAPS),

  • NDIS Invoicing (beta),

  • WorkSafe Victoria, and

  • Comcare.


Medipass does not charge a fee for Medipass Free Claims.

Medipass Paid Claims


The following claim types are included within Medipass Paid Claims:

  • Medicare,

  • Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA), and

  • WorkCover Queensland


Eligible claims are charged at $0.14 per claim, capped at $39 per location per month.

At the beginning of each month, we recommence charging at $0.14, until the cap of $39 for that Location is reached.

Eligible claims:

  • Medicare and DVA fees apply for claims which are approved by Medicare or DVA.

  • WorkCover Queensland fees apply for claims which are successfully submitted to WorkCover Queensland.


  • The cap will apply for all eligible claim types raised, regardless of whether they are raised via the Medipass platform directly or via an integrated software vendor.

  • Service providers who raise claims must be allocated to a location which is set to the registered practicing address of that provider.

Things to note

  • Details on how and when Medipass bills is outlined here.

  • If you cancel your Medipass account, there are no refunds on fees already incurred.

  • All prices displayed are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST.

If you have any questions about our pricing, please feel free to contact our friendly support team. Just send us a message through the pink chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

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