1. What do I pay for? 

Medipass pricing is based on the features you use. 

Medipass does not charge a fee for access to the following features:

  • HICAPS Go Integration (for Private Health Insurance and Overseas Health Cover claiming and quoting)
  • icare NSW Integration
  • NDIS Plan Managed invoices (solution is in beta)

Medipass does charge fees for:

  • Medicare and Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) claiming
  • Medipass Card Payments

2. Medipass Pricing and Fees 

Medicare and DVA claiming

Medicare and DVA claims are charged at $0.22 per claim (inc GST) for your first 200 approved claims submitted in a calendar month. Once you’ve processed more than 200 Medicare or DVA claims in a month, the price automatically adjusts to $0.12 per approved claim for the rest of that month. At the end of the month, and the beginning of the new billing cycle, the price per claim resets to $0.22 per approved claim. 


If you’re processing 250 Medicare claims per month, the cost for those claims will be $50 (inc GST) for that month.

$44 (200 claims at $0.22) plus $6 (50 claims at $0.12).

Medipass Card Payments

Medipass Card Payments enables you to accept credit/debit card payments directly from your patients. The following fees are incurred when using the service:

  • Visa and Mastercard Merchant Service Fee: 1.8% of the transaction amount. This is an all inclusive fee, including both GST and Interchange.
  • Transaction Fee: $0.30 fee per transaction. This fee applies to all transactions and verifications, authorisations, pre-authorisations and refunds in each instance, irrespective of whether they are approved, declined, rejected, received or any other transaction status (including timeouts/no responses).
  • Chargeback: $30.00 AUD per chargeback or dispute that is resolved in the Individual / Patients favour.

For refunds, all fees are refunded, except the Transaction Fee which is charged for the original transaction and the refund. For partial refunds, fees are returned at a prorated rate.

HICAPS Go Card Payments

Medipass does not charge additional fees for you to integrate your HICAPS Go facility to Medipass in order to process credit card payments, but there are fees you will need to pay HICAPS. To understand more about the fees you incur when processing credit cards via HICAPS Go, please contact HICAPS.

3. How our pricing is calculated and charged

Fees are charged for transactions that occurred in the month prior (ie, charged in arrears) on the first working day of the following calendar month.

During sign up for a paid feature, you will be asked to add a Credit Card which will be used for billing purposes. When your payment method is successfully charged, you will receive a Tax Invoice by email as your receipt. 

4. Things to note

  • When you sign up for a paid Medipass feature, you will be asked to add a Credit Card which will be used for billing purposes.
  • We currently only accept Visa and Mastercard card details.
  • You can manage your billing details any time by going to Business Settings > Billing. Please note that only Business Administrators can update billing details for a business. 
  • If you cancel your Medipass account, there are no refunds on Account Transaction Fees already incurred.
  • All prices displayed are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • All pricing is inclusive of GST. 

If you have any questions about our pricing, please feel free to contact our friendly support team any time. Just send us a message through the pink chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of your screen. 

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