icare has partnered with Medipass to introduce a new digital payment solution that makes the invoicing process simpler and faster. Here's how to get digital icare invoicing set up for your business.

Getting started

Log in to your Medipass portal at connect.medipass.io. If you haven't yet set up a Medipass account, here's how to get started.

Click the 'Get Started' button where the icare logo appears on your 'Get Paid' page. This will take you through a few steps required to get set up for icare invoicing in Medipass.

icare registration steps

1. Verify your business owners
The first step in setting up for icare invoicing is an ID check on the beneficial owners of your business.

The ID check can be done online in most cases. If your business structure is too complex to verify online right away, a Medipass Customer Success representative will contact you to guide you through the verification process.
For more information about ID checks in Medipass, click here.

2. Confirm your business and location details

Here you'll be asked to confirm the business and location details that you will be creating icare invoices for. Most of the time, these details will be in your Medipass account already. If anything's missing, you can add it in here.

3. Confirm your provider details
This section is for adding the details of any providers who will be performing services that require an invoice to be submitted to icare. You can add as many providers as you need by clicking the 'Add another provider' button.

Note: Allied health service practitioners must enter their AHPRA/SIRA details. General practitioners (GPs) can leave the AHPRA/SIRA details section empty.

4. Settlement bank details

Finally, enter the bank account details that icare funds should be settled to.

Note: If you require separate bank account details for each location, contact the Medipass support team for assistance.

Click 'Confirm and Continue' to be taken to a summary page, where you can review all your details and make any changes if necessary. When you're ready, click 'Submit'.

From this point, it will take approximately one business day for the application to be processed. You will receive an email when the provider numbers are approved and you can start submitting invoices 🎉

If you have any questions, feel free to click on the chat bubble on the bottom right hand corner to say hi, or email us at support@medipass.com.au We would love to chat!

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