Medipass Card Payments (MCP) enables providers to digitally process Visa and MasterCard debit and credit payments, without the need for a physical EFTPOS terminal.

MCP has a daily transaction limit of $2,500. This means that you are only able to process payments up to this amount in a single day.

We understand that for larger businesses this limit may not be enough, and so we are able to increase this limit if required. To increase the limit, please contact us and request a Daily Limit Review.

Assisted card payment allows you to process the payment on the patient's behalf. This limit is $250 per transaction.
For a transaction larger than this amount the invoice can be sent to the patient, or you can request for your assisted card payment limit to be increased.

You can contact us via the chat bubble on the bottom right of any screen or email us at for these limits to be reviewed.

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