ˆNote: this feature is currently in beta, and we'd love to hear your feedback. If you have any for us, please contact us on support@medipass.io or via the pink chat bubble.

Creating an instalment plan means you can take a payment split over a number of weeks or months right from your Medipass account.

The patient will be sent the instalment plan to view the details and add their card details, this card will be saved and charged for the future payments.

Please note: this feature is currently in beta. If you would like to try an early version, please contact us at support@medipass.io or via the pink chat bubble.


Here’s Kassy with a walkthrough of how patient claiming works. For a step-by-step breakdown, keep reading below.

How to create an instalment plan

First select "Holds & plans"

Select "Add a new payment" and choose instalment plan.

You can now enter the total amount of the invoice and the number of instalments, then you can select whether the instalment will be paid weekly or monthly.

The payment will be split into equal payments across the number of instalments and frequency you select.

Once those details are entered you'll be able to see the payment amount of each instalment, and the date of when these payments will be taken from the patient.

To send this instalment to a patient who you've invoices before just search their name in the "Patient" option.
If you haven't sent an invoice to this patient before you can select the "Add new patient" option.

You'll need to enter the patient's name and the mobile number this instalment approval will be sent to.

Select "Create instalment plan" to send the instalment to the patient.

You'll be able to see the progress of the instalment plan within the "Holds & plans" tab.
You can see the status of each weekly/monthly instalment under "Instalment plan schedule"

Status of an instalment plan

Pending - The instalment plan has been created, but the patient hasn't yet approved the plan, or completed the first due instalment.

Active - The patient has approved the instalment plan, and payments are being taken.

Completed - All instalments have been paid.

Patient experience

The patient will receive an SMS to the mobile number entered in the patient section when the instalment plan is created.
This SMS will contain a link that they can tap to open the instalment plan.

Note: The instalment plan scheduled payment dates start when an instalment plan is created, not the date the patient approves the plan.

When the patient opens the link they'll be able to see the full amount of the instalment plan, and your practice details.

They can see the first instalment is due and the date when each following payment will be taken from their payment card.

Note: The first payment will be due when the instalment is created.

The patient will enter their payment card details (if they're not saved) and approve the first due payment, and the following payments to be taken on the dates shown.

Fees and availability

This functionality is billed according to our pricing schedule, which can be found here.

To have access to instalment plans you will need to on Medipass Card Payments. To ensure you're using Medipass Card Payments you can follow these steps.

Note: Holds and instalment plans are currently in beta, if you would like access to these features please email our Support team at support@medipass.io

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