ˆNote: these features are currently in beta, and we'd love to hear your feedback. If you have any for us, please contact us on support@medipass.io or via the pink chat bubble.

Payment holds and instalments are advanced payment tools available for Medipass customers using Medipass Card Payments.

  • Holds: Reserve funds for up to 7 days. A hold will verify that a payment card is valid, and reserve the amount for up to 7 days. Unlike charging a payment card, a hold will not withdraw money from an account until you opt to process the charge. The cardholder will not be charged interest on a hold.

  • Instalments: Split a charge by equal amounts over weeks or months. The first instalment payment is always completed when the cardholder enters a valid payment card and accepts the plan. Subsequent payments are then made using the same card details in a schedule determined by you.


This functionality is billed according to our pricing schedule, which can be found here.

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