If you've set up your Medipass account and are waiting for Medicare to approve your Online Provider Agreement, or other provider numbers to be enabled you can create draft invoices.
Once these provider number details are approved you can submit these draft invoices to be paid and completed.

You can start by completing the invoice details as normal

To learn how to create an invoice you can check out the steps below

Once you've begun adding details to your invoice you'll be able to see a "Save draft" option at the bottom right of your Medipass portal.

Select this option to save your draft.

You'll be able to find this invoice in your "Draft" tab of your "Invoices"

When you're enabled and ready to submit this invoice you can select this draft, which will open the draft giving you the option to double check the invoice details or make any changes.

To submit the invoice you can click "Continue to payment".
If there's a payment due for this invoice you'll be able to take this payment now, and any claim for this invoice will be submitted.

To see how you can take a payment with Medipass you can click here.

Now that this invoice is submitted you'll be able to see this within your "Invoices" tab.

Wanting to know how to archive invoices? Click here.

If you need any help just click the pink chat bubble on the bottom right of any Medipass page.

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