Note: To add Medipass to your Coviu add-ons, first ensure you have set up your Medipass account and enabled the features of Medipass you want to use the integration for. Here are some links to help you to get started:

Welcome to Medipass!

To begin setting up your Medipass add-on, you will need to generate an API key from your Medipass account. This is a code that you will then paste into your Coviu settings, in order to link the two platforms together.

To generate your API key, log in to Medipass and click your name in the top right-hand corner. Click "Medipass account".

Next step is to select "API Keys". Click 'Generate API key' and copy the code that appears. You can click the blue clipboard to copy your API key.

Once you have your API key, login to your Coviu account and in the Coviu admin interface, select "Configure".

Click "Find add-ons", select "Medipass" and click "Install"

Once installed, select "Configure", and paste your Medipass API key and click "Save" to complete your Medipass add-on!

Medipass in Coviu should be enabled!

If you get stuck at any point and need some help, don't hesitate to send us a message via the pink chat bubble on any Medipass screen.

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