With icare batch invoices you can use your practice management software, or custom invoicing system to export your invoices to be submitted digitally straight to icare.

When uploading a CSV, we check for duplicate invoices or any missed details!
This means your invoice will have the best chance of being paid as quick as icare can.

Note: Your business will need to be enabled for icare claiming in Medipass.

From the Medipass "Get paid" tab you'll be able to select the icare claiming option.

There you can select the "Batch upload" option.

You can then click the "Download CSV template" button to download a template file of what information we'll need from your data.

Note: By including a service note in the optional 'icare.serviceNote' field, providers can provide additional information to icare to help with invoice processing.

For more information on batch upload information on the .CSV template and which details are mandatory, click here.

Once the data is entered matching the headings in the template you'll just need to save the file as a CSV.

Note: Any provider numbers in this file need to first be added to Medipass as a staff member. Click here to see how.

You can now upload this file.
We'll check the file when it's uploading to see if all the details are in Medipass, if they're not you'll see an error message.


When the file has all the correct information, this will automatically upload and take you to your "Draft" tab in your "Invoices" tab in Medipass.

The invoices that are ready to be submitted will show as a "Draft ready" status.

To submit the invoice you can either select a singular invoice to double check the details and click "Submit invoice", or select all invoices and select "Submit all invoices".

If the invoice has missing details, you'll see a "Draft incomplete" status.
Click this invoice to see what details we're missing, and update this information.

Once you're happy with this invoice, select "Submit invoice".

When the invoice is submitted you'll see the invoice status as "Submitted".

Once this is approved, the status will change to "Completed".

If you'd prefer to create single digital invoices for icare as you go, click here.

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