Medipass will send you email notifications for different reasons, such as letting you know of a settlement, a new staff member was added to your account, or your invoice from Medipass.

Depending on your access to Medipass you may or may not receive particular emails.
We call these different levels of access "user roles". To learn more about the user roles in Medipass, click here.

Billing from Medipass - Notifications relating to payment for Medipass services
The business administrator/s of your Medipass account will receive an invoice, or a follow up email regarding your fees for any paid features of Medipass (such as Medicare claiming or Medipass Card Payments).

The business administrator/s can be viewed within your "Business settings" tab.

Settlement - Notifications relating to settlement and payments made by Medipass
Within Medipass you can have your settlement funds paid into one account for the business, or different accounts per location.

If your funds are settled into one account for the business, the business administrator will receive an email when funds are settled into this bank account and any changes made to the settlement bank account.

If the funds are settled to seperate accounts per location the location manager/s will receive an email notification of settlement and any changes made to the settlement bank account.

Staff notifications - Notifications relating to staff being added or approved in Medipass
When a staff member is added to Medipass, or approved for claiming the business administrator/s will receive an email letting them know.

If settlement details are added to a staff member - for provider level settlements - then the staff member will receive an email letting them know.

Invoice follow up - Transactions requiring follow up.
Any issues with transactions that require follow up will be sent to the location manager/s (and fall back to business administrator/s if no location manager/s are set). These emails can include icare rejections, Medicare bulk billed rejections and private health insurance refunds.

If you'd like to add a business administrator to your account, or grant this access to a existing staff member click here.

To add a location manager, click here.

If you require further assistance, you can contact the Medipass support team by clicking the chat bubble located on the bottom right of your browser or by emailing

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